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Sarah, Ellen and me. Was it a threesome
By: SEM Added on: June 9, 2006
Sarah and I had been together for about a year when she agreed to move in at weekends. It made sense. I lived on the outskirts of London and she worked in the city, so spent the week at her flat before commuting out of the ‘smoke .. Read More
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Instant attraction
By: Ever ready Added on: May 10, 2006
Diane & I had discussed threesomes several times during sex. Ever since a collegue of hers had complimented her perfect breasts & suggested that she did not need a bra, successfully persuading Diane to remove it before slipping o .. Read More
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Best game ever
By: Sean Added on: February 6, 2006
This is a true story which took place in upstate New York on a sunday evening back in February 2002. I was over at my friends place hanging out since his fiancee was out of town visiting her relatives, and would not be .. Read More
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Bound in Vegas
By: realcc Added on: December 13, 2005
When my wife Rosa and I decide to get married 15 years ago, we went to Vegas. It was just the two of us, nobody knew what we were doing.Being that we didn't have a reservation, and there was special events going on that weekend, w .. Read More
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The Photo Shoot
By: Kate Added on: October 23, 2005
A friend of my husband called Ron was a member of a photographic club and one night , as we sat in the bar with him, he asked me if I would be interested in making some extra money, by posing for some photographs at his club. He told me tha .. Read More
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A Swingers Party
By: Ronnie1946 Added on: July 21, 2005
As Rob and I have told you, in our previous stories, we have been active swingers for some years. I usually prefer the MFM threesomes, possibly cause I’m greedy, or the fact I’m just not bi-sexual, unlike most women in the swing .. Read More
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Tall, Black and Delicious
By: rukawa Added on: August 7, 2005
This my true story about a young white man and a very young black man in prison. Please e-mail me at and let me know how you like it. It's my first. He was pretty tall with smooth eb .. Read More
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My wife the tease
By: Bad Dad Added on: July 17, 2005
Jan my wife before I married her was a hot sexy slut,long blond hair 38d, great bod & face.I love to fish & have a friend I go with all the time, One day he brought his 18 year old son, who I must say was a young great look .. Read More
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