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Some Late Night Nookie
Published On: February 2, 2001
Written By: christo
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I was having the most wonderful dream. I was a warrior playing a post-apocalyptic killsport called PunishBall. Heavily armored and wielding a 12-pound sledgehammer I defended my goal against the evil enemy. One dared enter my territory and I stopped him cold with a mighty blow from my sledge. Stunned, my foe staggered and fell to the ground, his helmet torn from his head. To my delight I saw that it was Howie Long lying defenseless before me, those prissy glasses he wears askew, and my bloodlust rose to a fever pitch. "I HATE YOU HOWIE LONG, I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!" I shrieked. Again and again I bashed him with my hammer, his armor crumpling under my crazed blows. I raised the hammer one last time, to deliver the final killing blow...

And I woke up. I woke up because my wife had snuggled up against my back, waking me. Dammit! I hate Howie Long and those fucking Radio Shack ads, and here I was pounding him like a chicken and Sara ruined it for me because she wanted to cuddle. Damn the woman!

I had half a mind to grab her hand and fling it away when I noticed something. Her hand was actually underneath my T-shirt, that's what woke me up, her hand slipping under my shirt. Her hand was resting on my chest. I froze. If she started stroking me, tickling me, it could mean just one thing: she wanted sex. Late-night, sleep-destroying, dream-breaking sex. I held my breath, afraid to move.

It was a bit of a conundrum. What to do? If I pushed her hand away, in the morning I would wake up next to an Ice Queen, and forget about it the next time I wanted sex. And blowjobs? Kiss those goodbye for a decade or so.

I could just lie here, and hope she fell back asleep. Or, well, I could do what she wanted. Right now I was afraid that what she wanted was to get fucked. Not make love with tenderness and all that crap. I mean a full-bore pussy pounding cockhammer attack. When Sara gets in that mood she's like a lioness waking up from a big meal looking for the biggest mane in the pride. I'm just handy, the closest dick at hand. I told her once I'd buy her a dildo, but the grinding noise and squeaking would wake me up anyway, so at least I should get laid in the bargain. But right now I was so fucking sleepy...

Her hand started to move. Oh, shit. Her hand drifted down until it rested on my stomach. OK, maybe she was just getting her arm in a more comfortable position. I still pretended to sleep, but already my penis was starting to rise like bread dough. I was torn, did I want her fingers to go lower, or did I want her to leave me be? Christ, I was still half-asleep. I sang a lullaby in my head, hoping Sara had telepathy or something and would fall asleep.

Slowly, and very gently, she began pulling on the hairs around my navel. I felt her nails lightly scratching my belly as she played with the hair, stroking me. The jig was up. Sara wasn't asleep. She wasn't sleeping. Right now I knew she was staring at the back of my head, staring like a wolf eyeing an especially plump lamb. I took in a deep breath through my nose, as though I was still sleeping. There was a definite smell in the air. I knew that smell. Pussy. Sara let her fingers wander around my stomach, digging her index finger into my belly button. Her nails traced slow circles, each circle growing larger, until her fingers brushed my boxers with every revolution. My penis was thickening with every heartbeat. I wanted her to reach inside my boxers, I wanted to feel her fingers on my cock, I wanted her to stop TEASING ME and do it. Now the game was who would be the first to break, who would admit that they weren't asleep, that they wanted the other so badly. I wanted to thrust my hips forward, I wanted to reach down and yank my boxers down, I wanted her to touch my cock! Fuck! I couldn't take it anymore! I sighed and arched my back, pushing my groin toward her

"You're awake," was all she said. She won, she'd proven she was in control. She reached down between my legs with both hands, one hand raising the waistband of my boxers, the other slipping inside to play with the hair around my cock. She still didn't touch my dick. She ran her fingers all around my groin, her long nails scratching my thighs. My penis was now as hard as the hammer in my dreams. Did she want me to beg?

"Please," I begged.

"Please what?"

"Touch me!" I hissed.

She made her point. Now she wanted to be fucked. She closed her fingers around my shaft and started jerking me, very slowly, not trying to get me to come, just getting me hard, get me hard, so I can fuck. I knew I wouldn't get any help from her. If I wanted to come, it was all on me.

I reached down between her legs. She was naked, before she started all this she took off her pajamas. I dipped my fingers into her soft folds and my fingers came away slippery. She was already soaking wet, her pussy ready to accept me, but I knew I wouldn't get off that easy. I diddled her as she pumped me, and this time I won. Sort of. She rolled over, climbing on top of me, grabbed the headboard, and pulled herself forward until her pussy pressed against my face.

Not much else to do but open my mouth and start licking. I couldn't see what I was doing, I grabbed her waist and arranged her so I could get at her most tender spots, and I guess I succeeded because she suddenly sucked in a sharp breath and said, "Yesssss..." She leaned back and drew her nails across my penis over and over and over again, driving me insane and my tongue into a tornado, swirling frantically around her clitoris in a vain effort to satisfy her.

Only one thing was going to satisfy Sara this night, and suddenly she grabbed it, slid down my body, and squatted above my erection. Holding me with both hands she carefully aligned her opening above my shaft, and then, staring at the wall above my head, the pale moonlight revealing the fierce expression on her face, she impaled herself on my penis. It's usually a bit a tight fit when I fuck Sara, but not this night. She was so wet I could barely feel her as she bounced up and down my shaft. But from her spacy expression I could tell that she sure felt me, felt me buried deep inside her. I'm a foot taller than Sara and a hundred pounds heavier but I was the one pinned to the bed as she fucked her brains out.

"Oh, uh, uh, uhhhh!" she groaned. Sara didn't call my name, didn't even look at me. Right now I was reduced to the seven inches of hardness filling the places in her body that needed filled.

Sara tilted her head back and her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath and moaned with every stroke. "Fuck, oh, yes, yes, oh, oh..." she went on and on, her hips bucking up and down. At last the tension that must have built inside her all night cracked-she stiffened, her lithe body suddenly rigid, and I could feel the percussive twitching in her vagina as her orgasm seized her and sent tremors coursing through her body.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned. "Yes, yes, YES!. I, oh, fuck, fuck!" She shivered one last time and was still. She slid off me, exhausted.

But not done with me, not by a longshot. So far I'd just had to lie there. Now I had to get to work. I rolled on top of her and took her left nipple into my mouth, sucking it until it hardened, then moving to the right nipple. She sighed, and I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy. If I wanted to come, and now I was almost frantic with desire, I needed to lick up some of the moistness down there. I devoured her pussy. I thrust my tongue deep inside her and swabbed my tongue up and down her cleft, eagerly drinking in every drop.

"Oh, baby!" Sara groaned. She loves it when I go down on her after we've fucked a bit. At last, she'd acknowledged my existence! Time to really remind her that I was here. I grabbed her legs just under her knees and lifted, so her pussy was right there where I wanted it. I scrambled to my knees and grabbed my dick and aimed it between her legs. I wanted to tease her, rub my cockhead up and down her pussy, but now wasn't the time. I wanted to FUCK, I wanted to come so badly I stubbed my cock against her pubic bone the first time I tried entering her. The second time was the charm.

"Yeaaaahhhh!" I bellowed as I slid inside her. She was still wet but not soaking and her pussy felt snug around my cock. Still on my knees I lifted her slightly to give myself a better angle and really started pumping. Sara's big tits, the moonlight making her flesh look milky white, jiggled in crazy circles as I fucked her. "Ohh, baby, Sara, fuck!" Yeah, this was better than sleeping, I had to admit it.

My wife's eyes were closed, a blissed-out smile on her face. She didn't make a sound, she'd come twice and now she was just enjoying my big cock filling her up. I could feel my orgasm building within me like a volcano about to blow. "Baby..." I pleaded. She was going to make me come. "Oh, yeah, it's, yeah, I'm going to shoot, oh, fuck, Sara!"

Her eyes opened. "Fill me up." That did it. Her eyes, her big breasts, her lips, her dark hair mussed into a Medusa's nest of snakes, and I let my orgasm take over and spur my thrusting hips faster and faster until I couldn't control myself. "UHHHHHHH!!" I cried and my cock opened and I ejaculated deep into my wife's womb. "Ohhh," I sighed as the warm, wet tugs sent tingles all through my body. I looked down at my wife and saw her smiling with joy as I shot my seed deep inside her body. When it was over, when the delicious sensations ended, I was terribly disappointed. I wanted more.

I withdrew, rolled over, and collapsed next to Sara. She paid me no mind. I didn't look as I felt her roll over and take something from her nightstand. A flame briefly flickered, and I heard Sara drag on her post-coital cigarette and saw the smoke rise in a twisted ribbon toward the ceiling. Sara hardly ever smokes anymore, not even after "normal" sex. I turned on my side and saw her sitting up, dragging on her cigarette and exhaling with obvious contentment.

She looked down at me. "Go to sleep," she ordered. My work was done. She'd wanted a cock, I provided it. Now that she had her fill I was no longer needed. I rolled on my side and a wave of exhaustion broke over me. Sleep. That's what I wanted. Sara and I could discuss this little episode in the morning. Now I needed rest, rest, rest...

I fell asleep. I dreamed. I looked around. I was back on the field of battle, my sledgehammer in hand, my black armor gleaming. Yes! I hefted my hammer. Time to finish what I started. I looked around for Howie Long. He wasn't lying at my feet. Where the fuck was he?

"Looking for someone?" a voice sneered behind me. I whirled and there he was, standing before me and brandishing a four-foot broadsword. "Think you're man enough to take me, punk?"

"You think I'm afraid of you, Howie?" I screeched. "I just got done fucking my woman! And now I'm gonna take you down! YOU GODDAM SHIT COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!" I swung with all my might, he parried, and the fight was on. I'm sure I had a big smile on my sleeping face. Wonder if Sara thought it was because of her...

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